Botanica Mathematica

a textile taxonomy of mathematical plant forms

Final Call for Trees!

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Binary Bonsai in the wild!

Since the Botanica Mathematica project started in 2013 we’ve had loads of contributions. Magnificent specimens of Binary and Trinary Bonsai, Fibonacci Trees, Hyperbolic Kelp and Chanterelles have all made their way to my studio in Edinburgh from around Europe and the USA.

But it’s not over yet!

If you wanted to make a tree (or another tree!) for the project you still can.  We’ll be collecting Binary Bonsai and Fibonacci Trees over the summer before embarking on the classification of all of the trees.  Once we have our lovely taxonomy and family tree of trees, we will be seeking to exhibit this final stage of the project in honour of the centenary of D’Arcy Thomson’s 1917 work, On Growth and Form. Although it focuses on animals rather than plants, this founding work of mathematical biology is a major inspiration behind Botanica Mathematica.

If you’re inspired by D’Arcy’s ideas too, please pick up your needles and hooks and make a tree. Details of where to send them are in the Binary Bonsai instructions or if you are in or around Edinburgh use the form below to contact Madeleine Shepherd to arrange delivery/pick up in person.

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