Botanica Mathematica

a textile taxonomy of mathematical plant forms

Trees invade Dundee!



Exhibit in Taypark House, Dundee

On Friday we installed a large chunk of Botanica Mathematica in Taypark House, Perth Road, Dundee for the Dundee Science Festival. It will be there for two weeks and we’ll be back in between to make a few changes and to run a workshop in Fluph Yarn Store.  Details and links in the side bar.

The exhibition is in the large hallway of a Victorian mansion house that now houses a lovely cafe and bar.   It’s installed in shelving and on the big chest at the entrance and looks very much at home.  I think it looks like a collection the original owner might have assembled on his travels as a merchant.

Do go and see it and let  us know what you  think.

Author: Knot Unknot

Artist/maker/scientist/mathematician/communicator/etc - suffers from many ailments including "popcorn kittens"! see

2 thoughts on “Trees invade Dundee!

  1. Are you still collecting items? The Maths of Planet Earth year has come and gone, but you still seem to be exhibiting and holding workshops? I have just made my first flower from your L-system pattern. It’s not very big – the tension was getting pretty tight, with the increases and the carried thread.

    • Nice to hear from you Katherine. MPE2013 planted the seed but the binary trees are still growing and mutating. It’s still an interesting project even without an International Year to attach to. So yes, we are still collecting specimens, particularly L-system flowers as we haven’t had so many of those.

      Botanica Mathematica will probably be dormant for the winter though. Early next year I hope to get some taxonomy done on the trees and then we’ll figure out what to do next.

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