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Natural Knits!

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Natural Knits! by MadeleineS
Natural Knits!, a photo by MadeleineS on Flickr.

Back in February we met the organisers of the Midlothian Science Festival at a networking event. They were looking for some science and knitting input for their programme so we stuck our hands up and said “pick me please!” – and they did!

The festival takes place in October in the towns and villages of Midlothian. Roslin village is one of them. They have an active knitting group called Knit, Knot and Sew who exhibit in the local library from time to time. The idea was for them to try out some of our patterns over the summer and then come to a public workshop during the festival.

Roslin Library hosted the workshop on 12 October and very friendly hosts they were too. The Knit, Knot and Sew group had dropped off a lovely basket of hyperbolic knitting chanterelles and some came along to try out the binary bonsai pattern on the day. Once the trees started to take shape there was a lot of enthusiasm for making more as presents for friends and family.

We left a little display of trees and fungus, pattern leaflets and yarn with the library for the rest of the festival and to inspire the local knitters. I’m really looking forward to collecting the results.


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