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Island Hopping!

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It’s been quiet on this blog for the last couple of months but that’s because we’ve been doing so many things! A trip to the Orkney Isles was the first of these activities.

The Orkney International Science Festival team made Julia and I very welcome in the first week of September. Julia gave several talks about different aspects of mathematics while I got to show the ever-growing collection of trees and fungus to 250 visitors on the Family Day. I arrived the day before and collected some locally made trees from the library in Kirkwall – the delicate little peach tree in the pot on the table and the magnificent green specimen with the hanging red fruits. Many thanks to the Orkney Library Service for co-ordinating this and the Orkney knitters for their excellent work.

All the binary and trinary trees were on display along with all the the hyperbolic flower and fungus creeper, which is becoming quite encrusted! Click here to see more of the event and some tourist photos from around Kirkwall.

More trees and fungi arrived later in the day and lots of yarn and pattern kits were handed out. If you picked up a kit, we’d love to see what you’ve made. Contact me using the details on the leaflet.

Some lovely flowers, fungi and kelp have arrived from Orkney since I got back to Edinburgh, but they’re destined to be part of the next post…

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